Villas For Sale In Bali

Buying property in Bali has many benefits and could become one of the best decisions in your life. We list dozens of houses, villas and other types of real estate located in different parts of this majestic island.

Bali Houses For Sale

Whether you are looking for a lavish Bali Villa for sale, holiday home, or investment property, we have got you covered. Bali is a great place for retiring, relocating with your family or starting a business. There are accommodations for single owners, couples and even large families. Buying properties in Bali has proven to be a solid strategy for many foreign investors, as the real estate market here has been growing steadily over the last decade.

Luxury Houses For Sale In Bali

The island of Bali can offer a variety of locations that will satisfy the expectations of even the most exacting property buyers. The bustling beach town of Seminyak has some of the best Bali villas for sale if you are looking for high returns on investment.

Canggu is another great opportunity for Bali property buying if you are thinking about renting it out. It is one of the most popular destinations for real estate buyers and has a range of affordable houses within driving distance to the trendiest restaurants, bars and beaches.


Bali Houses For Sale

If you are interested in properties for sale in Bali that have great investment potential and consider taking a risk, Pererenan is the place to be. The area is rapidly developing and is close enough to tourist-friendly Canggu. Pererenan also has the best sunset spots on the island.


Property Bali For Sale

Peaceful and quiet Umalas offers some of the trendiest villas for sale in Bali. You can enjoy your solitude in style but still be able to access popular tourist destinations. There are high-end restaurants for those who require prestige and comfort.


Properties in Bali For Sale

Families looking for a house for sale in Bali should start with Sanur. It has a friendly expat community, shops, pools, daycares and other amenities. Property here is affordable and enjoys a high rental demand among tourists.

Villa For Sale In Bali

Volcano-adjacent Amed is your choice if you are looking for the real Bali experience, unspoiled by the Western civilization. Prices are relatively low. Buying a house in Bali on a budget is a definite possibility if you consider Amed. Enjoy stunning views and unspoiled beaches.

Surfers and beach goers should look for Bali properties for sale near the paradise beach of Balangan. While the area is popular with tourists, and couples taking wedding pictures, it is still pretty affordable. Bali houses for sale in Balangan can be turned into a great business opportunity.

Families and couples buying houses in Bali often settle in Ubud. It has a laid back atmosphere, gift shops, cafes, other tourist attractions, and good roads. Your perfect holiday villa for sale in Bali can be definitely found in Ubud.

Bali Houses For Sale

We are a team of seasoned professionals with many years of experience. Our specialists speak both English and Bahasa Indonesia. We can assist you with everything related to Bali properties buying.

We have all the necessary licenses and permissions. We will use our knowledge and passions to help you find the perfect Bali property for sale without breaking your budget.


Best Bali Villas For Sale

We have good working relationships with local notaries and lawyers. You won’t have to worry about the legal side of choosing and buying a villa in Bali. Our experts can connect you with sellers, landlords, builders, architects, interior designers and other consultants who will help you turn any property into the home of your dreams or develop it into a profitable business.


Property In Bali For Sale

Finding and becoming an owner of a piece of real estate in Bali is possible on your own. But you will have to do due diligence and spend dozens of hours pouring over small print. It may overwhelm you, because there are some lesser-known aspects of Indonesian law that confuse foreigners. Our experts can assist you with any issue, helping you become a happy and proud owner of your little paradise property in Bali.

villa for sale in bali
villa for sale in bali